Globally, the role of pharmacists is changing to a more patient centred, and biotechnological oriented role not covered by most of the current study programmes. There is a need for specialisation , especially in Latin America (LA). COPHELA aims to develop and to do a pilot implementation of a COPHELA M.Sc. in pharmacy that by increasing specialisation and research in hospital, community and industrial pharmacy foster the development of pharmacy in LA in conjunction with EU. The short-term impact will be the production of pharmacy specialists adapted to the modern LA situation and the development of new learning tools and procedures. The long-term impact will be a global improvement of LA healthcare with more efficient pharmaceutical care and the evolution of the LA pharmaceutical industry. The impact for the EU will be improvement in collaboration with LA in the fields of pharmacy education, healthcare and the pharmaceutical industry. The tools and teaching material developed will be used to promote continuing professional development for EU pharmacists. What is new in the COPHELA project?

  1. The MOOC methodology that allows massive participation at a low cost, not limited by time or geographical location
  2. The flexibility in the design of the M.Sc. that allows self directed learning to fulfill different professional demands and personal expectations.
  3. The education based in competences and in the European quality assurance techniques for easy international recognition.
  4. The COPHELA consortium as the first pharmacy group of experts in pharmacy education and development in EU and LA.