Project description

The project comprises 5 Work Packages (WP)

WP1 Preparation

To set communication tools and the matrix of responsibilities

WP2 Development

  • Selection of the goals of specialized pharmacy education

  • Selection of the methodology based in the analysis of the needs and the e-learning literacy in the target countries respectively

  • Production of a M.Sc. consisting in several MOOC courses tailored for the target countries and d) Pilot implementation and quality accreditation by the partner’s institutions.

Courses will be at the master level and will cover the main specializations in pharmacy: community, hospital and industrial pharmacy in a flexible and open form of self-directed, online learning designed for mass participation.

WP3 Quality Plan

Quality assurance plan: paradigm to be used, data collection, analyses and interpretation.

WP4 Dissemination & Exploitation

Dissemination will be based on associate partners using IT and social media resources as well as the specific channels of the EAFP, COIFFA, UDUAL, AUIP, EPSA, EM LA-CHAPTER, and AIAF(see abbreviations at the end of the document). Exploitation: The courses are open (no fees) to all pharmacists. Certificates of completion, development of master thesis and face-to face support will be given at a cost by institutions that incorporate them into their academic offer.

WP5 Management

Management: arbitration / decision- making with problem detection and resolution (consortium plus EACEA in case of formal amendments), budget allocation and re-allocation.

Partners will participate in all WP. Associated Partners will participate in the dissemination and exploitation activities, implementing the courses and extending the implementation to others. They will collaborate in the surveys and giving advice (Curriculum Development Advisory group)