Internationalization activities constitute one of the standards evaluated by the National Accreditation Commission for higher education in Chile. Among the criteria corresponding to Dimension 4: Relation with the surroundings. Criterion 15. Institutional internationalization and networks proposed by the National Accreditation Agency is mentioned that “Each institution must have national and international integration policies that guide planning and internal organization. Likewise, there must be formal agreements with national and international higher education institutions, within their areas of development, and guarantee academics and students participation in national and international cooperation networks.”(https://www.cnachile.cl/SiteAssets/Paginas/consulta_criterios_y_estandares/universidades.pdf)  

Therefore, the participation in this project contributes to achieve this purpose, an aspect that was indicated in the Institutional Report on Connection with the environment of the Andrés Bello University in 2019, as one of the most relevant achievements in said period at institutional level. In addition, said achievement was described in the Self-Assessment report of the Chemistry and Pharmacy School developed in 2021, which undoubtedly contributed to the recognition of accreditation both nationally and internationally.


The courses provided as part of this project will have an important impact on the national pharmaceutical community. The participation of national professors allows the understanding of this global teaching strategy, which favors its promotion at the local level through the mass media and the networks of graduates from the different institutions. The accesses to these training instances will undoubtedly support the professional development, positively impacting the quality of the pharmaceutical services in their different fields of work. These aspects were highlighted by the Director of the Chemistry and Pharmacy School, Fernando Torres in the interview published on the institutional portal available on the website https://noticias.unab.cl/unab-se-adjudica-fondos-de-la-ue-para-implementar-plataforma-docente-on-line-en-farmacia-comunitaria-y-hospitalaria/


International relations activities between higher education institutions provide the necessary link to achieve the exchange of experience and progress towards curricular development that allows the insertion of graduates in a globalized world. The links established during the development of the project have made possible to promote collaborative work between higher education institutions. Meetings have been held specifically with representatives from Brazil and Mexico, in order to explore possible collaborative work, establishing solid professional links between managers with view to the implementation of internationalization activities that will allow collaboration and academic exchange. In addition, the shared instances have fostered the necessary interaction for professionals from different Latin American and European universities in order to share criteria that allow them to enrich their global vision.


The contributions of the project can be analyzed from different points of view. As previously mentioned, the design and implementation of the courses represents a great opportunity to collaborate in the training and professional development of Pharmacists, both nationally and regionally. In this way, the fulfillment of one of the objectives of higher education institutions that raises the need to intervene in the solution of possible problems that arise in society is encouraged, additionally revealing practical and human knowledge in professional training. It also contributes to the establishment of internationalization projects, promoting the collaborative networks between the different participating institutions, which will undoubtedly lead to agreements and collaborative work that go beyond the framework of this project.