Globally, the role of pharmacists is changing to a more patient centered, and biotechnological oriented role not covered by most of the current study programs. There is a need for specialization and, especially in Latin America (LA) according to the reports of many professional and academic associations, particular the Conferencia Panamericana de Educación Farmacéutica. COPHELA has developed and pilot implemented a COPHELA M.Sc. program in pharmacy that by increasing specialization and...


Jeffrey Atkinson

 Professor Jeffrey Atkinson (University of Lorraine) passed away on Monday afternoon at the hospital in Nancy. Jeff has participated activelly in the project from the beginning as an advisor and external evaluator.

Our deepest symphathy to the family and friends.



Main achievements

The Faculty of Pharmacy of the Fluminense University has 2 strictosensu programs: Sciences Applied to Health Products (PPG CAPS) (master's and doctorate) and Administration and Management of Pharmaceutical Assistance (PPG-GAFAR). The discussion about the use of MOOC courses was incipient in both. The project allowed the insertion of the theme in both courses. It can contribute to making them more accessible incredibly for students who already work in the pharmaceutical market or the health system. In addition, the diversity of topics covered by the Cophela project can also bring benefits to the training of both students of the Sciences...


Main achievements

Internationalization activities constitute one of the standards evaluated by the National Accreditation Commission for higher education in Chile. Among the criteria corresponding to Dimension 4: Relation with the surroundings. Criterion 15. Institutional internationalization and networks proposed by the National Accreditation Agency is mentioned that “Each institution must have national and international integration policies that guide...


Main achievements

This project was instrumental to achieve the internationalization goal, as UV was able to achieve a working relationship with nine universities or educational institutions from Europe and America.  After this project, our faculties have been invited to perform as tutor or reviewers of graduate thesis at the participant institutions.The UV model also declares learning as a continuum over lifetime, and thus, the COPHELA courses offer our University the opportunity to fulfil...


Main achievements

This project (COPHELA) offered the opportunity to obtain more institutional experience for establishing academic agreements and administrative mechanisms between different institutions at the international level, as well as to identify opportunities for improving internal management processes for obtaining and using economic resources, particularly when they come from foreign organizations through agreements.The UAMX has strengthened its pre- and post-COVID19 strategy of training academic and technical personnel in applying new didactic resources through information and communication...


Main achievements

Main results were the insertion of UAEMEX in an international education project, with a global scope and a Latin-American focus: Working along with other partners is an opportunity to learn other ways of teaching, pharmaceutical patient-caring in our countries and production capabilities. We learned the way to dive into internationalization of educational programs in UAEMEX. We also learned other institutions technical capabilities and digital learning practices.The pilot scale implementation of the courses prepared here at UAEMex: Feedback was followed through, and it allowed us to understand better the needs for pharmaceutical capabilities...


Main achievements

One of the main results is the conjoint work with Latin American partners, establishing an international academic network beyond the European scope.The COPHELA project will improve the courses offered by the newly created post-graduation school by the University of Lisbon.Contribution to the continuous education portfolio offered by the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Society (Ordem dos Farmacêuticos), serving enhancement of professionals’ competencies.




Main achievements

The project was important to insert our institution into an important international network, adding administrative and technical learning, as well as developing new institutional relationship. We already had expertise in the production of MOOCS at the national level, but we have been able to optimize our methods and techniques. There was mobilization of internal team, with professionals from various areas of knowledge and management to deepen internationalization actions.We advance to promote a digital institutional environment to offer courses developed under the Cophela Project, in different formats. These results will enable us to...



As a result of the project, the consortium have submitted a proposal to ERASMUS+ for the design of a Erasmus Mundus Joint Master´s Degree in Innovative Pharmacy (INNOPHAR), that develops specialization in advanced therapies, patient centered care and new nanotechnologies for drug delivery. Hopefully, the master will be implemented in 2024.